Life used to be so different. You were highly invested in your personal and professional visions of life. Tireless hours were just the necessary price to be paid for your goals and it all felt worthwhile. Your business goals were within reach and totally possible. Your personal desires were coming into view.

Then....your life suddenly changed.

Your health, which you never questioned, became a problem and the daily focus. Symptoms, treatments, diagnoses, and doctor’s appointments steal time and energy from your goals and aspirations. Family and friends try to be supportive but they can’t fully understand the disappointments and frustrations you face each and every day. As a therapist, your practice is heavily influenced by how your body is coping in each moment..

It feels like your health is in the driver’s seat taking detours from the route you had so carefully planned.

You miss the familiar, reliable you who saw no challenge as too big. You desire to recapture that part of you. You know there must be a better way. A way that honors the core of you which has never changed while navigating the new health realm with hope and confidence.

A resilient, empowered you whose relationship with your health means you are back in the driver’s seat with your health riding shotgun right next to you.

I’ve been there. And to some degree...I’m still there. As a psychologist, wife, daughter, friend, colleague, speaker, and athlete, I know exactly what it’s like to dream BIG, to devote myself to my passions with the belief that my hard work would pay off in amazing, specific ways. I’ve grieved the old me while learning to appreciate and, dare I say, to love the new me. It’s not easy. It’s not sexy. It’s not my desire.

But it’s become easier, sexier, and more desirable. Perfectly imperfect!

I help my therapists lean into grief, tolerate forced changes, develop a fearlessly creative approach to their unique lives, embrace new opportunities, and love the new person they are becoming. It’s not a death sentence.

It’s an invitation for a new relationship with yourself and the world.

Scary...yes. Overwhelming...yes. Frustrating...yes. Worthwhile....ABSOLUTELY! And no one should do this alone. I’ve more than survived. I’ve found peace within what is chaotic at times and I’ve developed compassion for the moments when I still grieve the old me. It’s time for you to move from surviving and believing it’s as good as it gets to thriving where you wholeheartedly know your new life has more to offer than you ever knew.

Today’s the day to leap toward a fresh, whole you. What do you have to lose? Let's talk about moving you forward!


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